Training Course

Training Course


You want to become a professional coach, executive coach, manager coach, team coach, life coach, school coach...? Would you like to combine coaching skills with your activity? The "Keys to Coaching" training course gives you in 23 days all the tools you need to integrate the coach's posture into your practices and understand the societal issues and collective dimensions of coaching. Thanks to its holistic approach and its active and integrative pedagogy, Coaching Ways allows you to master the key elements of coaching at the end of the training, but also to feel autonomous, legitimate and confident in your practice. "The Keys to Coaching" is a very comprehensive training. It provides access to the ACC and PCC (Associate and Professional Certified Coach) certification levels of the International Coach Federation.

For Whom

Who Is The "KEYS TO COACHING" Training for?

  • To all people wishing to become professional coaches in companies to support managers, men, organizations and teams towards their objectives and thus enable them to communicate better, gain in well-being in the company, reduce stress at work, better manage time...
  • To all consultants, specialists in skills assessment, outplacement, business creation, etc. who wish to integrate coaching tools into their practice.
  • To all professionals (company managers, managers, executives, HR managers, consultants) who wish to integrate coaching skills into their leadership style and gain in agility, cohesion and team motivation.
  • To all professionals in the support professions, such as naturopaths, sophrologists, psychologists... who wish to acquire a complementary posture to be more relevant in their questioning, propose their tools to companies, support changes.
  • To all people who wish to get involved in society by helping men, women, teenagers and young adults to achieve their personal objectives: Gain self-confidence, make a successful transition in life, find their way, orient themselves, organise themselves, take care of themselves and their image.

Training Objectives

  • Assimilate all the dimensions of coaching from the drafting of the coaching contract, to the bi or tripartite relationship, including mastering the entire process of a coaching session.
  • Integrate the coach's posture and the tools of the professional coach: Karpman's dramatic triangle, mourning curve, Transactional Analysis, non-violent communication, NLP, GROW, Life Flow, Ofman's Dial....
  • Master the societal issues and the systemic and collective dimensions of coaching with the Dynamic Spiral and the types of coaching contracts in companies.
  • To prepare for the practice of professional coaching in knowledge of oneself and one's limits, in order to be ethically ready to become a coach in a company, a life coach or a school coach.


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