Our Team

Our Team

A competent team at your service in order to guarantee the success of your training project, the coaching ways team consists of interveners who are professional coachs. Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude. It is the art of doing a common thing in an unusual way.
As aristote said: excellence is an art that is earned by training and repetition.

Beatrice Arnaud

Beatrice Arnaud has 19 years of leadership experience in the corporate environment such as working in various global organizations (Oracle, EMC). Since 2005, she took the path and career of coaching and today she is Coaching Ways International representative in Middle East and certifies others to become a coach in the ICF-approved Coaching Ways program. Her Master’s Degree is in Social and Work Psychology. She is ICF accredited PCC, EIA EMCC, supervisor and mentor. Bahareh is recognized for her passion in sharing insight and positive posture. Her personal mission is “human being" and the heart of her work.

Hasan Farzi

Hasan Farzi has been the director of human resources and communication in Dr.Abidi pharmaceutical company for the past eight years. In line with the strategic goals of this well-known company, Hassan had an effective role in the Company development with his innovation in organizational areas and establishment of relevant systems.

Some of Hasan outstanding activities in Dr.Abidi Company has been performance management systems establishment, organizational coaching systems execution, Talent Management and succession planning which has turned Dr. Abidi’s company position in the field of Human Resource Management to a significant place in Pharmaceutical industry and even among other industries. Hasan has 15 years of experience in Human Resource Management, Organizational Coaching, project management and market research in Pharmaceutical, food and telecommunication Industry.

Currently he is the Chairman of Iran’s Pharmaceutical Industry Human Resource Association. Hassan’s PHD degree is in business ( DBA) from Allame Tabatabaei University and both his Master and bachelor degree is in Industrial Management.

Zahra Asefi

Zahra Asefi received her high school Diploma in United States, pursued her studies in Business Management for a while and returned to Iran.

She started her Coaching Training Program at CTI (Co- Active Training Institute) Institute in 2014.Zahra received her ACC certification in 2016 and her PCC Certification in 2019. Since 2014 she has been fulltime active in coaching and kinesiology and in addition to the mentioned activities, currently she is one ICF official mentors.

Zahra has 26 years of experience in the fields of Business Management, administrative and internal Management in manufacturing engineering and industrial design companies. For six years she has been Jix Industrial Design Company CEO , active in design ,manufacture and sale of luxury bathroom handles and accessories.

Hossein Gaeeni

Hossein Gaeeini has more than 20 years’ experience of management and expertise in engineering, programming , HR management , Training and knowledge management.
He has his PCC certification from ICF and for the past yers he has held several coaching sessions as an external coach with Managers and specialists for self-development and performance improvement.

Hossein is soft skills Facilitator as well. According to his passion and commitment to learning his fundamental values is “efficiency “.

Nazanin Sekhavati

Nazanin Sekhavati has graduated from University with the degree in Architecture. She has 6 years of experience in coaching. Nazanin have been certified for her ACC from ICF at 2017 and have got her PCC certification from ICF in 2020. Within the past 6 years she has worked as Life and Organization coach and held several coaching sessions. Nazanin is Mentor, consultant and Trainer in self-development and coaching as well.

Neda Jahed Motlagh

Neda Jahed Motlagh recieved her BA in industrial Economics from Allametabatabeai University in Iran and migrated to United States to pursue her Masters Degree. She received her master degree from California State University Longbeach and came back to Iran after 4 years. She has 7 years of experinece in human resources Management.
Neda has finished her coaching training at PCC level with Iran Coaching Ways School and has recieved her ACC degree in June 2020.

Currently she is Iran's Coaching Ways School Executive Manager.

Proshat Ghazizadeh

Proshat Ghazizadeh has 5 years’ experience in Batik Company as Development & Improvement Manager. Proshat has the experience of marketing and sales in Medical products for few international companies. She has been trained in BD Company for managerial courses and have trained more than 160 of Hospital employees all over in Iran.

Proshat has graduated from Coaching Ways and currently have her ACC Certification form ICF.

Ali Khalouei

Ali Khaloueai has studied HR Management in Tehran University. He holds 12 year of experience from different industries and this has leaded him to gain a broad view towards HR development, soft skills and leadership.

Ali has his PCC certification from ICF and has the experience of being internal and external coach. He has held several coaching sessions with Managers and Specialists. He has been as consultant, facilitator and has implemented several development projects by using coaching.