Manager as A Coach

Manager as A Coach

Develop your leadership qualities

We previously talked about Manager Coach for this training for leaders and managers. Today we speak of "Natural Leader" because it corresponds better to what this training allows to develop in the participant.

More than coaching skills, it is a posture that develops social skills. Know how to listen to listen and be heard. And this posture is a pillar of collective intelligence, knowing how to develop “power for” more than “power over” in relationships with others.

Reconcile performance and well-being at work by developing a more assertive management style, allowing managers and employees more respect in their interpersonal communication.

Training aims

Have a significant impact in driving change by integrating coaching skills with the manager, to create the conditions for better collaboration within teams.

Know how to develop the leadership of its teams in complex projects by improving their listening skills, by developing their presence with others, by developing a common language between your teams.

The challenge is to develop a congruent collective intelligence, that is to say coherent with its members and its environment, without playing against its nature.

Training highlights

  • Integrate the skills and know-how of the coach into his management.
  • Understand the different facets of manager and coach functions.
  • Optimizing your own potential, gaining agility and efficiency.
  • Create a stimulating environment for better cooperation and the development of employees' potential.
  • Transform generational and cultural gaps into resources.
  • Encourage autonomy and empowerment.
  • Design new actions.

Training benefits

  • Active pedagogy.
  • A strong place left for experimentation for the integration of knowledge
  • No distance, the training is completely face-to-face.
  • Training adaptable according to contexts and needs of organizations.
  • Professional coach trainers certified ICF and working in a business coach office.

Training program

  • Integrate Coach skills into your management.
  • Understanding the double “cap” Coach and Manager.
  • Optimize your potential as an assertive leader by developing your listening skills and your communication skills..
  • Develop a framework that promotes better collaboration..
  • The relationship with the employee, how to establish a climate of trust and respect..
  • Develop questioning skills.
  • Facilitate learning and success.